Implantable hearing aids

Implantable hearing aids

If a hearing disorder cannot be treated either conservatively or surgically, the rehabilitation measures focus on the fitting of hearing aids.

Hearing loss can often be partially or completely compensated for by a hearing aid. In contrast to conventional hearing aids, implantable hearing aids do not convert the amplified electrical signals into sound energy but into mechanical vibrations which are transmitted to the ossicular chain or bones of the skull. Implantable hearing aids have an electromechanical transducer for this purpose. Compared to conventional hearing aids, they promise above all better sound quality and speech recognition.

The Auditory Center Krefeld covers the entire spectrum of audiometric diagnostics and treatment of the various degrees of severity of a hearing disorder.

The right choice

The indication for an implantable hearing aid depends on a number of individual factors and should only be made at designated clinics. The comprehensive consultation of our patients, considering all medical and audiological aspects, is a central concern of ours. This includes the individual choice of the device as well as the achievable improvement effects compared to other hearing aids.

Our treatment offers

The range of hearing aid fittings extends from conventional to implantable hearing aids. The primary goal is to achieve the greatest possible restoration or improvement of speech communication by means of selection and optimal adjustment for people of all ages.

Multidisciplinary cooperation

The rapid development in the fields of medicine, audiology and hearing system technology and the progressively precise adjustment possibilities make closely coordinated care and multidisciplinary support necessary. For this purpose, the team of ENT specialists, pediatric audiologists, certified pedagogues, neuro-otologists and hearing aid acousticians work hand in hand.