Hearing-improving ear surgery

Hearing-improving ear surgery

Many forms of hearing loss can be treated surgically. Our specialists at the ENT clinic will provide you with competent support.

Hearing loss can have many causes. If the location of the damage is in the middle ear, in many cases it can be removed or improved by surgical treatment.

Middle ear effusions, which occur mainly in children, can be treated by measures to improve ear ventilation, such as inserting tympanic tubes, thus remedying the impaired hearing.

Disorders of sound transmission in adulthood are often caused by chronic inflammation or injury. Here, in addition to the necessary closure of a tympanic membrane defect, the restoration of the ossicular chain by means of appropriate titanium implants can also help to restore hearing. Even in the case of special diseases such as otosclerosis, hearing ability can be restored to normal by means of a surgical insertion of a titanium prosthesis.

In the case of a severe hearing disorder or concomitant sensorineural hearing loss, it is possible to amplify the sound using a partially implantable hearing aid, which is inserted through an operation in the middle ear region.

Depending on your individual clinical picture, we develop a tailor-made treatment concept. To do this, we work closely with the resident ENTs, pediatricians and general practitioners, but also with obstetricians and the hospital's phoniatrics and pediatric audiology department.

We offer you the following surgical treatment options:

  • IInsertion of tympanic tubes in children
  • Microsurgery of the middle ear, partly with replacement of the ossicles with titanium prostheses or autologous cartilage and use of autologous cartilage (or cartilage skin) grafts to close eardrum defects
  • Optimization of hearing aid fitting
  • Surgical treatment with modern hearing implants