X-ray stimulation therapy

Chronic joint, bone, cartilage or soft tissue diseases often lead to severe pain and restricted movement. This can lead to an enormous loss of quality of life and should therefore be treated comprehensively.

If the conventional therapy options, such as physiotherapy, immobilization, local and drug-based pain therapy have not achieved sufficient improvement, we offer you the so-called X-ray stimulation therapy.

This form of therapy uses much lower radiation doses than those used for tumour diseases. Many years of research, many clinical studies and the relevant experience with low-dose radiation have shown great success.

Many patients often experience pain relief for a long time, in some cases complete freedom from pain and a significant improvement in mobility.

We use X-ray stimulation therapy for the following diseases:

  • Heel spur
  • Achilles tendon irritation (Achillodynia)
  • Tendon Shortening of the hand (Morbus Dupuytren)
  • Avoidance of tissue ossification before TEP surgery (ossification prophylaxis)
  • Arthroses of the large and small joints
  • Painful shoulder stiffness (periarthropathia humeroscapularis)
  • Tennis elbow and golfer's elbow (medial and lateral epicondylopathy)

If your doctor recommends such a treatment, we will discuss the preparation and implementation with you in detail.

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