Supportive therapy

The treatment of cancer can cause side effects. With the help of supportive measures, these can be minimised so that the healing process is more successful.

Many people affected by a tumour suffer from mild fatigue and lack of appetite. If the tumour is in the head and neck area or in the oesophagus, in some cases food intake is made difficult by constrictions in the throat or oesophagus. In addition, inflammation of the swallowing passages can occur if they are located in the radiation field.

A significant weight loss as a result of these diseases and treatments also affects the body's ability to fight the tumour disease. The body needs support.

  • To prevent greater weight loss, special drinkable nutrient solutions are used first ("astronaut food").
  • If there is no improvement, the natural feeding route is bypassed by placing direct access to tube feeding in the stomach (PEG).
  • In addition, for infusion purposes (nutrient solutions, chemotherapy), vascular surgeons often place a special access into a large vein below the collarbone (PORT). This is done under local anaesthesia. This allows planned treatments to be carried out in full dose and without delay.

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