Radiotherapy for oncological diseases

In the case of an oncological disease, radiation is often used as a form of therapy. On this page we will inform you about our different radiation procedures for cancer.

One of the two linear accelerators at the Helios Hospital Krefeld
One of the two linear accelerators at the Helios Hospital Krefeld

Radiotherapy of an oncological disease can be done from the outside or the inside. We use two different procedures for this:

Percutaneous radiotherapy (external irradiation)

This form of radiation uses various techniques, such as intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) or image-guided radation therapy (IGRT), in order to detect the tumour much more accurately and precisely. High-precision field adjustments make it possible to use radiation therapy that also has good results with more radiation-resistant tumours.

Brachytherapy (irradiation from inside)

Brachytherapy  is used particularly for malignant tumours of the prostate, female breast, uterus, lungs and oesophagus. In this gentle and very precise form of radiation therapy, the cancer is destroyed directly in the tumour region with radioactive radiation through tubes, hoses or needles.

We will be pleased to advise you in detail on the exact procedures and implementation of these radiotherapy procedures in the respective case.