In the case of cancer, the combination of different treatment methods can increase the chances of treatment success, as the cancer is attacked from different sides simultaneously. Radiochemotherapy combines radiation and drug therapy of tumours.

Radiation therapy is a highly effective method of locally controlling tumour growth and specifically damaging the tumour cells. Radio-chemotherapy also involves treatment with special drugs - such as chemotherapy, antibody therapy or immunotherapy.

By combining the two methods, the effect of the radiation on the tumour is increased, thus bringing the cancer under better control. Both procedures can be used in parallel and also as a complement to surgical treatment. In this way, a tumour can be reduced in size before an operation or remaining cancer cells can be destroyed in a targeted manner after an operation. As malignant tumours tend to form more distant metastases, radiochemotherapy is also a useful treatment option for certain cancer patients.

We will be happy to discuss with you in detail whether the procedure is suitable for you as a patient and how exactly such a treatment is carried out in our clinic.

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